Smithsonian Institute

For 30 days AZ Cactus and Tree Service cut away limbs from trees and then remove and cleaned up fallen debris on a steep mountain near the Whipple Observatory to reduce the threat of fire.  Our brave men had to swing down the mountainside for this job.

Kender-Morgan Project

83 Saguaros Saved

We removed 83 Saguaros from over 61 miles of desert for Kender-Morgan to install a gas line.  Upon completion of the gas-line we successfully returned ALL 83 Saguaros to their original location using GPS.

 Lukeville Project

1100 Saguaros and Cactus Saved

We moved 1100 Saguaros and cactus from the Mexican border at Lukeville, AZ for clearance of the construction easement in order to build the border wall.  It took 6 months to re-locate and re-plant the Saguaros and cactus in order to save them from destruction.