The ISA website offers several brochures on this subject of basic principles of tree care. Your local garden center, extension agent, or city arborists are also excellent sources of information if you should have further questions.

This brochure series is published by the International Society of Arboriculture as part of its Consumer Information Program.
You may have additional interest in the following titles currently in the series:

  • Avoiding Tree and Utility Conflicts
  • Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction
  • Benefits of Trees
  • Buying High-Quality Trees
  • Insect and Disease Problems
  • Mature Tree Care
  • New Tree Planting
  • Plant Health Care
  • Proper Mulching Techniques
  • Palms
  • Pruning Mature Trees
  • Pruning Young Trees
  • Recognizing Tree Risk
  • Treatment of Trees Damaged by Construction
  • Tree Selection and Placement
  • Trees and Turf
  • Tree Values
  • Why Hire an Arborist
  • Why Topping Hurts Trees
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