About us

AZ Cactus & Tree Service LLC is a full service company specializing in the pruning and removal of
very large trees and cactus. We also relocate, disease treat, and remove specimen cactus, such as
Saguaros and MX Fence post cactus. These are also available for purchase.

The company was formed over 21 years ago in 1997. Patricia became qualified as an Arborist 17,
years in 2001, receiving her training from Western College in Show Low, Arizona. She is now the
foremost specialist, and expert in the removal and relocation of large cactus and trees as well as cactus
care and tree trimming


CITY OF NOGALAS: We removed a 70 foot tall (about six stories high) with a 9.5’ diameter
Cottonwood tree from the main park for the City of Nogalas. We later removed a Sycamore about 70
feet tall with a 7’ diameter, and 6 other trees from their City parks.

CITY OF TUCSON: We are a vendor for City of Tucson Parks Dept, and have done several park
locations, such as all the palms in Palo Verde Park, Reid Park, and and other various sites.
Saguaro relocation: Our staff recently re-located one of the most rare “crested” Saguaro in the world.
The head was over 6’ wide, which required a special cradle board to be fabricated to add to the existing
boom of the truck not to mention extreme care and knowledge required to remove and relocate such
rare cactus successfully. The Rare Crested cactus was removed from DMAF to it’s present location on
the north west corner of the intersection of Craycroft and Golf Links Rd. A beautiful cactus to view as
well as an excellent example of the type of quality work we do every day.

TUSD SCHOOLS: Various removals of large trees, Palm tree trimming, & misc. hardwood tree
trimmings at almost all of the 85 schools schools in the district.
We cleaned the entire facility of tree debris, and cut away limbs from the side of the mountain. It was a
30 day job, where tree men had to swing down the mountainside to remove and clean up of fallen

Gas line install project, from 3 Points in Tucson to the MX border of Sasabe MX. We removed 83
Saguaros from the located in over 61 miles of desert. Upon completion of the construction we
successfully returned all 83 cacti to their original locations using GPS .In that project, we were sub
contracted by Groundskeeper Landscaping company as they did not have the knowledge or experience
in order to complete the job.

OTHER CONTRACTORS: A Texas contractor, GIDEON USA, at Davis Monthan Air Base, had
us remove several large Saguaros, then relocate them to another site on base. HASKEL
CONSTRUCTION, built a new Medical facility, on Houghton Rd. where we removed and installed a
variety of plants, cactus and trees, then re-installed them.